We Are The New Farmers



Spirulina is a blue-green algae that grows naturally in fresh water lakes in Africa and North America. Spirulina has existed for approximately 3.6 billion years, and was consumed as a traditional food in 9th Century Chad and by Aztecs in 16th Century Mexico.

Unlike seaweed, each individual Spirulina organism is only about as thick as 3-5 pieces of paper, but is packed with protein, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Fresh Spirulina is completely unprocessed. After we filter the algae from the water, we gently press it to reduce the water content. The end result is a soft paste that needs to be refrigerated or can be frozen.

To turn the algae into a dry powder, it needs to be dehydrated. Drying methods vary from farm to farm but spray-drying is one of the most common techniques. Many products contain additives to prevent the powder from clumping or - if the powder is pressed into pills - some form of glue.

We Are The New Farmers' fresh Spirulina is still unprocessed and contains enzymes our body needs to absorb nutrients.

Dried Spirulina (like powder and pills) is dead (often for months) and the nutrients are not readily available.

We use closed tanks, filtered water and a controlled growing conditions to ensure the highest quality possible. 

Other farms grow outdoors in large open ponds that are prone to contamination.

Our fresh Spirulina has a mild flavor and smooth texture that easily blends in smoothies and juices.

Dried Spirulina has a strong fishy flavor that is not enjoyed by everyone.

Our farm is located in Brooklyn and our Spirulina is immediately refrigerated or frozen after we harvest to ensure the cleanest and freshest product possible.

Dried Spirulina is mostly grown overseas, sometimes in questionable conditions. After it's harvested it is spray-dried and shipped to the U.S.