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Pricing Update July 1

Our prices have remained the same since before the pandemic. However, due to the changing economic environment, a global spike in fertilizer prices, and soaring energy costs, we are forced to adjust our pricing.
This is never an easy step, especially since we always aim to make high-quality nutrition affordable for all.
New Pricing - July 1, 2022
Product Variant Old Price New Price
Fresh 4 oz $24 $30
Fresh 8 oz $40 $45
Fresh 16 oz $75 $80
Fresh Frozen 30 cubes $45 $50
Fresh Frozen 60 cubes $85 $90
Fresh Frozen 90 cubes $120 $125
(prices do not reflect subscription discounts)
Overall, we have been able to maintain the average price increase below 10% which is significantly less than the increase reported by the USDA Consumer Price Index for the last 3 years.
For us, there are 4 specific components that have caused a spike in our operating expenses:
  • we have experienced a significant increase in prices for nutrients necessary to cultivate spirulina. However, we have been researching with the New York Pollution Prevention Institute a novel method of nutrient recycling to decrease our need for additional nutrients and increase our overall sustainability
  • a pandemic-related global shortage of glassware has led to significant price spikes for our glass jars used for fresh spirulina
  • during the last 2 years, the price for dry ice used in our frozen shipments has increased by 100%
  • soaring energy prices have driven up our shipping cost. The average shipping price for our standard packages has gone up between 15 and 25%
We understand that the price increase is particularly steep for our subscribers of our smallest, 4 oz variant. We highly encourage you to evaluate switching to a larger quantity, either as a fresh product or as a frozen product, which will be more economical moving forward. Our team is here to help you find the best solution.
We appreciate your understanding and please feel free to reach out with any thoughts or feedback.