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YOur Superfood should look like this

Always fresh, never processed. Take control of your day with nature's original supplement. Fresh Spirulina - grown & harvested in Brooklyn.


We Get It

Eating the right thing can be complicated and maintaining a healthy diet with a busy schedule is difficult. That's why we grow fresh Spirulina: One spoon per day covers your nutritional back and makes sure you are in control of your diet. It's like super-charging your morning routine.


Fresh Spirulina

Naturally packed with vitamins. And protein. And iron. And potassium. And... well, you get it.

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"I wanted the nutritional punch of Spirulina without the oppressive flavor. Fresh Spirulina is the perfect addition to my recipes for that extra health kick."


"When I tried fresh Spirulina for the first time I was surprised by the smell. There was no fishiness at all, it reminded me more of sweet smell of a freshly cut pumpkin."


Nutrition facts that don't let you down

Spirulina is so full of the good stuff we don't even know where to start. Most importantly, all its nutrients are in their organic form, which makes them easily available for your body.

About 67% of fresh Spirulina is biologically complete & 100% plant-based protein

Spirulina is full of antioxidants, our footsoldiers against damaging agents in our blood

Fresh Spirulina fights your iron deficiency with high levels of directly available iron

No carb, no sugar, no gluten & very low calories

How To

Supercharge your food however you like it. Just add to water, milk, coffee or smoothies.