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Kyle's Recovery Smoothie

Kyle's Recovery Smoothie
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For starters, why spirulina? How does spirulina help improve your life on a personal level?

I was looking for a healthy way to supplement my diet and help with recovery from hard workouts. I learned about spirulina from others in the cycling community—I read about some Tour de France riders who were using it with great results, so I decided to give it a try. As any serious athlete will tell you, it’s not just the quality of the workouts that matter, but also the quality of the rest and recovery between workouts. Since I work full-time and my wife and I have twin toddlers, laying down with my feet up all day isn’t really ever an option. I decided to try adding spirulina to my daily diet and I found We Are The New Farmers about six months ago!

What's your favorite Spirulina product?

While researching spirulina, I also learned that the frozen or fresh forms are far more effective than pills. I chose the frozen cubes because it’s the best way to keep it on hand here in the athlete mecca of Boulder, Colorado.

What's your preferred Spirulina packed concoction? 

I make spirulina smoothies every day! Because of my work and family schedule, I usually have to train very early in the morning, and I make a spirulina recovery smoothie. Our son is currently obsessed with anything that has buttons on it, so he’s my smoothie helper and taste tester. Our favorite recipe includes two to three cubes of frozen spirulina, frozen banana and other fruit, flax oil, a splash of vanilla, a splash of stevia, and almond milk.