We Are The New Farmers


Our operation will continue as normal: Orders will be accepted and we plan on fulfilling them next week until further notice. If you would like to order fresh Spirulina we recommend placing your order before Monday, 8 PM.
We know right now you have a lot to think about. Given the recent developments and the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, we want to share with you our plan for continuing to deliver your fresh Spirulina.
Our operation will continue as normal. We already follow high standards of food safety whereby our Spirulina is grown in a controlled environment; we harvest only after going through strict sanitary procedures and all equipment is regularly sanitized. In addition, we established measures to protect our team from potential infection.
While there may be disruptions we cannot control down the line, we are working through as many scenarios as we can imagine to ensure that you’ll get your nourishing micro-algae when you need it most.

However, seeing the developments in other countries, we might not be able to continue our shipments after next week. If you want to use fresh Spirulina continuously, we recommend placing your order before Tuesday, 9 AM. Remember that you can easily freeze fresh Spirulina to extend the shelf life.


We wish you and your family safety and health. 

Jonas, Daniel & Michael