We Are The New Farmers


The few weeks between Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays can feel like the toughest of the year. This year in particular, after the complete mess of last year, is loaded with expectations and makeup plans. The turkey leftovers were still in the fridge when Hanukkah began. Friends, colleagues and acquaintances all want to meet up one last time, before the holidays. 2022 plans need to be made and 2021 goals need to be reached. Your boss asks you to complete this project before "the end of the year", which really means before the holidays. You still have to get gifts. You feel bad because that extra glass of wine prevented you from working out. You skip breakfast and have cookies later in the day. You feel stuffed, bloated, stressed and exhausted so you have more drinks than usual - it's unprecedented times, am I right? Christmas blasts by, a flurry of Mariah Carey, cinnamon and gravy. You still have to make plans for NYE - and then, finally, it is January. Breathe.


January traditionally is a month of recovery and fresh starts. For many it is the time of the year to start better habits and take care of our body and soul. We are here for it! While it was impossible to uphold a routine during the last weeks of the year, now it's time to pick up a good morning ritual again - and what could be better than starting the day well nourished and energized?


Welcome to our Fresh Start Challenge!

We want to help you be your best self. That's why we are launching our Fresh Start Challenge. This is how it works:

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