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Mango, Spirulina, and Jalapeño Detox Lassi

Mango, Spirulina, and Jalapeño Detox Lassi

When breakfast has you teetering between sweet and savory, why not combine the two and add a little spice? This creamy smoothie is packed with good-for-you probiotics, our nutrient-dense spirulina, anti-oxidant cilantro, and mango. In other words, this recipe is mega-healthy.


2 dates, pitted

1 cup nut mylk (we went with almond)

½ cup yogurt or vegan yogurt

1.5 cups mango fresh or frozen

½ tablespoon We Are The New Farmers’ Spirulina

1/3 cup cilantro, chopped (if cilantro is not your thing, leave it out)

3 slices jalapeño, seeded (spicy, best to add one at a time to taste)


Blend all ingredients except the jalapeño until smooth. Add the jalapeño slices one at a time and adjust to your desired spice-level. Enjoy!