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Space 10's Dogless Hotdog

Space 10's Dogless Hotdog

The research and design lab Space 10 that introduced the world to tomorrow's meatballs has further explored the future of food. Their research is rooted in an important principle: food shouldn't be just healthy or sustainable, it must be delicious, too. A principle that we hold high as well.

They have come up with dishes that are good for people and planet and don't sacrifice the taste - to change people's minds about food and to inspire them to try new ingredients.

One recipe that we found particularly interesting is their take on New York's favorite fast food: a dogless hotdog.

Spirulina Dogless Hotdog

The average hot dog bun is nothing to write about, but in this recipe, it's the star. Made with Spirulina, the dogless hotdog bun is an eye-catching emerald green. 

Spirulina Dogless Hotdog Dough

The Spirulina bun is topped with a pumpkin seed paste, dried and glazed carrots, mustard & turmeric mayo, beet & berry ketchup, cucumber salad and roasted onions.

Spirulina Hotdog Toppings


Photos by Space 10 and original post here.